Utilities & Agencies

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We can perform property assessments, create arborist reports, and provide plant evaluations.

Utilities & Agencies use 4G Tree Arborists' services to ensure that their power lines and other infrastructure are safe and clear from any potential tree hazards. Here are some specific services that we provide:

Tree Trimming and Pruning: We trim or prune trees near power lines to maintain clearance and prevent any interference or damage to the lines.

Hazard Tree Identification and Removal: We identify hazardous trees that pose a potential risk to power lines or other utility infrastructure and safely remove them.

Tree Planting: 4G Tree Arborists advise on the appropriate species and planting locations for new trees near power lines to prevent interference and reduce maintenance costs.

Storm Response: We assist in storm response efforts, including removing fallen trees or branches that may have damaged power lines.

Vegetation Management Planning: 4G Tree works with utilities to develop long-term vegetation management plans to minimize the risk of power outages caused by trees.