Our Team

Morgan Scovell, Certified Arborist

The grandson of Steve Alvarez, long-time Central Coast arborists, Presidential consultant and owner-operator of A&T Arbor Tree Surgery, grandson of Chuck Scovell, long-time Central Coast arborist and owner-operator of Scovell Tree Surgery, great-grandson of the late Richard Alvarez, long-time Central Coast arborist, inventor, Author, Presidential consultant and owner-operator of Arbor Tree Surgery, was born with a knack for tree care. He is the youngest Certified Arborist in California, began working with his Grandpa and Dad at the age of 10, and started his own tree business at 15-years old.

Morgan was a decorated athlete lettering in both baseball and football at Templeton High School, played right field and quarterback for the Eagles, and graduated in 2018. Since, he has focused on achieving his Certified Arborist credential and growing 4th Generation Tree with his mother, McKenzie Guenther. Morgan continues to better himself through business training programs, professional business coaching, education programs, and rigorous industry training programs. Morgan spends his free time helping his Dad and Grandpa coach his younger brother and his youth baseball team, spending time with his 2 little sisters, helping on the family ranch, and working on the tractors and farm equipment.


McKenzie Guenther, CEO

Morgan Scovell, Operations, Certified Arborist

Casey Guenther, President, Business Development

Steve Alvarez, Certified Arborist, Qualified Applicator

Dan Ponti, Certified Arborist