Inspections & Reports

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We can perform property assessments, create arborist reports, and provide plant evaluations.

Property Assessment
A 4GT arborist will meet with you or your representative on-site to provide in-depth information concerning proper tree or shrub care and maintenance.

Arborist Reports
These reports, typically provided to homeowners, builders, developers, and regulatory agencies for use with environmental impact reports and/or construction and building permits, provides a specific written evaluation for a given tree or group of trees. The report identifies trees by genius and species. It also includes technical information as well as recommendations to enhance the health and value of the tree or trees.

Plant Evaluations
When a plant or tree loss has occurred, due to events such as fire, storms, vandalism, or vehicle damage, an arborist will assess the extent of damaged or destroyed vegetation and compile an appraisal with a dollar valuation.