Native Trees

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Native trees are trees that are naturally occurring and indigenous to the California Central Coast ecosystem.

These trees have evolved over time to adapt to the climate, soil, and other environmental conditions in their native range.

Native trees play an important role in maintaining the biodiversity and health of ecosystems. They provide habitat and food for native wildlife, stabilize the soil, and help regulate the water cycle. In addition, many native trees have cultural and historical significance and can provide important benefits for human communities, such as shade, timber, and aesthetic beauty.

In our area, non-native or invasive species have been introduced and have displaced native trees, causing ecological harm and reducing biodiversity. In response, there are organizations are working to promote the use of native trees in landscaping and reforestation efforts in our surrounding towns.

If you're interested in planting native trees, it's important to choose species that are well- suited to our local climate and soil conditions. 4G Tree can provide guidance on which native tree species are best suited to our area and how to properly plant and care for them.

By planting and supporting native trees, you can help protect and enhance our local ecosystem, support local wildlife, and provide important benefits for the environment and future generations.